Oysters, with a side of plastic

Scientists predict that plastic in the ocean will eventually outweigh fish in the ocean. But how many of those plastics are ending up in our seafood, and where are they coming from? In the Pacific Northwest, new research is helping to answer those questions.

Shortly after being published in 2017, this story became the most-viewed video in my employer's digital history. It was viewed more than 7 million times on Facebook. It also received national attention, picking up distribution by NPR, The Dr. Oz Show, the Vox Sentences newsletter, and the Seattle Aquarium's Lighting Talks event. It also spurred a panel discussion at the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association's annual trade conferene that year, where shellfish growers discussed how their industry might help to solve our plastic pollution problem. The video was awarded a Northwest Emmy for health and science reporting.

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